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  • Bhutan
The abode of happiness
Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom,thatis locatedat the eastern edges of the Himalayas. The land is known for its monasteries,dramatic landscapes,and fortresses.It is geopolitically in South Asia and is the second least populated nation after the Maldives.Thimpu, one of the largest cities of Bhutan is its capital and Phuntsholing is the financial center of Bhutan.

Bhutan experiences hot humid summers and cool winters. Eastern Bhutan is drier than the Western part. It experiences five distinct seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn, winter,and spring.

Let us explore some of the best and must see places in Bhutan:
Bhutan is known for being one of the world’s happiest nations and the last Shangri-La on Earth because of the Valley of Gangtey. This is one the most stunning valleys in the Himalayas. After a hard climb through the dense forests, there is a complete vast space without a single tree in the valley.

This forms a rare experience for most of the trekkers and travelers.
During the winters, we can get a catch of graceful Black-necked Cranes. During the trek, the travelers visit the villages of Gogona and Khotokha, passing through the meadows and fields, and then they walk through the forests of juniper and magnolia, which blooms in April.Every trekker experiences a lovely scintillatingexperience.

Bhutan’s most magical places lie in its hills.
It is not only famous for its valleys, peaks but also for adventure sports.The Tiger’s Nest Monastery and the adventure sports that happens to attract the adventure lovers and tourists from allover the world.Some of the popular touristspotsare the Pilgrim’s valley, Haa Valley, Weekend markets of Thimpu, and the JigmeDorji National Park.
This is the second largest national park of Bhutan, which is an absolute treat for wildlife lovers.This park is spreadacross almost the entire district and covering some areas of the neighboring districts and is home to Snow Leopards, Bengal tigers, Bhutanese takins, Himalayan blue sheep and other exotic species of flora and fauna.
Dagala 1000 lake trekking, is a very famous trekking spot that allows one to experience the nature at its best.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery is one of the most prominent places that fascinate the photographers, pilgrims and adventurers.
The monastery’s location and its architecture itself isunique. It is located 3000meters above the sea level and it is considered as a cultural icon ofBhutan. This monastery is surrounded by hills, blanketed with a lush green cover of forests. Though reaching the monastery is challenging but it definitely worth a visit.

TaschichhoDzong, commonly known as ThimphuDzong is the called the fortress of glorious religion.It is one of the remarkable architectural structures whicharecurrently the house of the throne room and seat of the government.

Enjoy an exquisite lust green valley
Bhutan’s ParoChhu is famous for its river rafting, a thrilling water sport that excites all the adventure junkies.One can enjoy an exquisite lust green valley with birds flocking. The rafting in ParoChhuis considered moderate and allows every adventure lover to try the famous water sports activity.

Thus, Bhutan is a perfect abode for someone who is looking for peace and fresh air.One must visit Bhutanatleast once a lifetime to enjoy the scenic beauty, snow-capped mountains and valleys.

…Come experience richness at its best.
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